Growth Hacking

Start with a strategic approach:

Every growth hacking process consists of 3 crucial steps: Getting visitors, Onboarding and Retaining customers.

  • We will carry out blogger outreach to get your product out there
  • We will define actionable goals for your business and create a strategy for your product to grow
  • We will implement analytics to track your goals and optimize them continuously

Every idea needs validation and feedback before building your MVP and planning out your product. 

  • We will target relevant communities and groups for feedback and validation¬†
  • We will address the right niche market in order for your customers to be involved in your product even before you have gone live
Building your client base

We will help your users master the features your product promised and confirm it works as advertised.

  • We will set up emailing campaigns in order to retain loyal customers
  • We will enhance your visibility through blogging, guest posting and infographics made by our awesome designer