SEO Services

Affordable SEO Services

On Page SEO

The internal architecture of the website, content and the links that come to and from your site are key elements for good on-page SEO.

  • We will provide a detailed analysis of your website’s structure and content
  • We will create a specific On Page SEO plan, that will include HTML tags and meta-tags
Inbound marketing (Off-page SEO)

In 1996 Bill Gates said “Content is King”. Search engines crawl the web for the most appropriate websites that are useful for users. However, good content is not enough. The heart of Off Page SEO lies in link building, as they indicate the quality of the content. Keyword research, social outreach and “link juice” should be 90% of your off page SEO efforts.

  • We will provide suitable content for your niche, whether blog posts, infographics or tutorials.
  • We will create a strategy for Off Page SEO that will include link building, guest posting and influencer marketing
Customer persona

To achieve popularity and demand, you need an in-depth understanding of your audience. What age are they? What are their interests? What salary and what type of job do they do? This information is crucial for targeting the right people in order to expand your business.

  • We will create buyer personas to ascertain the ideal customer that your business should market
  • We will create a suitable marketing strategy which will be continuously optimized depending on our results