Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

The right Social Media outlets

When people hear the term Social Media they think about Facebook and Twitter. There are many Social Media outlets out there, and finding the right ones for you is the key. Each platform has its own personality and we will make sure your brand will be projected in the way you want.

  • We will pinpoint the platforms most compatible with your business and help you connect with your ideal customers
  • We will identify your target audience and their interests with the help of buyer personas and constant analysis
Brand identity

Did you know that there are more than 3.03 billion active Social Media users in the world at this moment? And each of them is consuming media right now. They are just waiting to discover you and create a discussion about your brand.

  • We will help you communicate with your audience and interact with them
  • We will create your brand identity and raise awareness for your products in order to increase your website traffic and sales
Social Media Strategy

Why do you need an awesome social media strategy? 71% of customers that had a great social media experience with a brand will recommend it. Your followers want to share their opinions about your business and to pass it. Our job is to curate the content they receive on social media outlets and to help them give positive reviews.

  • We will design a strategy to develop your brand and reach the customers that are just waiting for you.
  • We will create curated content and marketing material that will improve your visibility and boost sales

Tracking your competitors is vital for your business. We will keep an eye on keyword research and ranking, the marketing channels and techniques they use and of course their content. They can provide relevant data and insights for your business. We just use it better.

  • We will analyze the competition and provide goal driven solutions for your business
  • We will monitor your competitors social media channels and make sure you are ahead of the conversation