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Web design and development services

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Website and brand audit
  • Brand auditing

In this stage we look at how your business is positioned on its market, brand messaging and overall identity (logos, typography, fonts).

  • Website auditing

We will explore how your business gains traffic online, how services are currently presented and what we could do to help improve traffic.

Content strategy

Initial research into your niche, competitors and your goals for your website serves as the base for your content strategy. We start off with delivering a fresh new website architecture and a comprehensive content strategy.

  • Website architecture

Your site map contains which pages you need, how they are grouped into dropdowns and how a user navigates from one page to another. Easy navigation is a must, as Google rates how usable the website is as it ranks it on its search query pages.

  • Content

We use results on conversion research to figure out how to get you more leads, with web design. Your website content strategy entails which content should be on which page, what your calls to action should be and how content will keep visitors on your website longer.

Design and development

You often hear about website design being “tailored” to your needs, but what does that entail exactly? For us, that translates to:

  • Custom graphics, including professional images and custom icons.
  • We use WordPress and all our websites are up to par with current technological standards.